How To Invent A Good Topic For US History Research Paper: 10 Suggestions

There are numerous topics you can select when writing a research paper on US History. However, not all will give you the best grade because some are terrible topics or ideas. The question therefore becomes, how do you choose a good topic from your paper on US History?

  • Find Something Unique- find a unique person, event or aspect of the US history and base your paper on it. Everyone talks about the arms, different battles, the roles played by different individuals, etc. Find something unique and appealing that will capture the attention of your readers.
  • Make it relevant- there is no point in writing a paper that your audience cannot identify with. Find the relevance of a particular event, invention, philosophy, etc in the current society. This will provide relevance to your work, making it interesting to read.
  • Find Something Original- it is ironical that something original can be found in history. However, this is a possibility when dealing with the complex American history. The originality comes where many people have been studying the same aspect year in year out. Find a new perspective that will provide fresh insight into how people understand the American history.
  • Is it interesting?- if a topic is not interesting to write about, it will end up being a boring research paper on US history.
  • The idea is to find something that is captivating to your mind and that of the reader. It will make every line memorable to read.

Here is a list of exciting research paper topics on US history.

  1. What is the one legislation or action that led to the abolition of slavery in the United States?
  2. Notable personalities in the African American society that are rarely talked about
  3. Drafting and signing of the ordinances of secession
  4. Traces of the American civil war in the present day US
  5. The best achievers among all American presidents
  6. The impact of presidential assassinations on federal politics
  7. America’s involvement in international wars and the response of her citizens
  8. The role of labor movements in human rights crusades
  9. The California gold rush
  10. The genesis of the bill of rights

History being what it is requires careful consideration and construction to come up with the best essay. You must read widely and ensure that you stick to the facts. It is the perspective you give to your paper that will determine whether it will be an interesting read or another recounting history to go unnoticed.

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