A Quick Guide To Composing An MLA Term Paper Outline On Global Health

Developing a great argument and presenting good supporting evidence is just one of the keys to composing a great term paper on global health. The first step comes in conducting great research, but soon after comes composing a detailed outline. Unfortunately, creating an outline doesn’t show up as a priority in many students’ minds. This is why we’ve come up with this great guide showing you how to easily compose a term paper outline on global health in the MLA style:

Structure Your Outline Basics

Depending on the length of your term paper you generally need to follow a simple outline format with three parts. It should look something like this:

  • Introduction
  • This section should include an opening sentence that hooks the reader, some background information on global health, and your thesis statement.

  • Body Paragraphs
  • Your body paragraphs are considered the core of your term paper and should each have a topic sentence, followed by supporting evidence, and finally an explanation of why this evidence is important in proving your thesis statement.

  • Conclusion
  • Finally, your ending paragraph should summarize and synthesize the content of your body paragraphs. Don’t simply copy down the information it should be worded differently while expressing the same meaning.

Fill in Your Thesis Statement

Now take your draft outline and fill start by filling in your thesis statement. At this point, you may add a phrase or two on whatever background information you wish to provide, but even just having a draft thesis is all you need to get started.

Fill in Each of Your Discussion Points

Next, fill in each of your discussion points or what will be your body paragraphs. Keep each paragraph to a separate topic or idea relating to your central argument. During the planning stage you should select only the best discussion points in support of your argument.

Fill in Supporting Evidence

Beneath each discussion point you should provide a phrase or two for the supporting evidence you have found in your research. You don’t need to be detailed as long as you know exactly what it is you wish to bring up in your essay.

Craft Your Ending Paragraph

Lastly, fill in the conclusion of the outline. You can simply put in the same discussion points, though they should be reworded and not simply copied from your main essay. Again, these can simply be draft phrases to serve as reminders.

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