Composing A Superb Research Paper On Ratio Analysis Of Banks

As with writing any type of academic paper, there are a number of steps you must take in order to prepare, organize, write and edit your piece. When you follow a guideline and work through each step you are more likely to be successful. Check off everything as you go so you don’t omit anything important.

  1. As you prepare to choose your topic, consider some of the angles such as loan growth, deposit growth, capital ratios, return on equities, credit quality etc. There are many ideas within each broad category as well. The topic should be of interest to you. Try posing it as a question and then brainstorm some answers.
  2. Find information. Be selective about what you use online. Choose educational sites or government sites. You can also make a trip to your academic library where you will find a lot of scholarly journal articles. A public library is another good source of information.
  3. Use a system to keep track of the sources you’re going to use. You can use an older system of index cards or you can use a software, which is much more flexible and can even generate a reference list for you.
  4. Take studious notes as you read through your sources. Make sure you reference the notes you take so you can give proper credit in your research paper. If you take digital notes, you can easily break them apart into chunks and rearrange them later when you’re ready to start writing.
  5. Take all your notes and identify some common themes or ideas. These major common themes will become sections or paragraphs of their own when constructing the outline.
  6. Making an outline for your paper is the best way to sort and organize all the ideas for your paper. The main themes you identified in step 5 can be used to sort all the other ideas under. Make sure each minor idea is directly relevant to the major theme you sort it into.
  7. Use your outline to begin writing your paper. It gives you a guide and shows you where to go next in your writing. It also helps you to make sure no important points are forgotten.

Once you have put together a rough draft, read through it and look for any editing that needs to be done. This could include smoothing out the transitions between paragraphs, and finally proofread for spelling and punctuation errors.

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