The Term Paper Format: Useful Guidelines For Beginners

A term paper can be confusing for young writers. The focus needs to be on the format, and the content needs to be secondary. Use our useful guidelines for beginners working on the term paper format.

Useful Guidelines for Beginners

  • Keep the topic loose-the students should write on something they know which fits within the teacher parameters. An example of this would be for the students to write on their favorite novel. Each child can pick his or her novel, and the teacher has some control over the subject. Remember, the subject is secondary to the format. And there will be less research needed if the child picks a subject he or she is familiar with before the paper process begins.
  • Use a template-print a template for the students, and pass it out to them. The results will be 100% better if the students can sue this template to guide them through the process. Make sure to show them how to use it properly.
  • Samples-in addition to a template, the children should be exposed to as many samples as they possibly can. The kids should have these so they can model after them, as they compose their term paper. Seeing what a correct paper looks like will be beneficial.
  • Rewrites-there will be many re-writes. Do not focus on the fact that a complete paper is not getting finished quickly. You want to make sure the students establish good writing habits early. The first complete term paper may take months to complete.
  • In pieces-have the students work on one paragraph at a time. Use the most basic format: introduction, main point one, main point two, main point three, and conclusion. Going piece-by-piece will help the children from being too overwhelmed. The children will have a great sense of accomplishment as they successfully complete the different sections of the composition.
  • Checklist-the students will need a checklist of what they should and should not have in the term paper. The checklist can also be used if you allow the kids to peer tutor. Peer grading is a great method of instruction and reinforcement. Be sure the students know what each term on the checklist means. Give examples if necessary for comprehension.

Beginners can be overwhelmed if the writing process is not taught to them correctly. Feel free to use our useful guidelines as your young writers begin the process.

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