The Parts Of A Good Research Paper: A Writing Tutorial

Research papers may differ in the subject, but they all take the same basic structure. Knowledge of the content alone, excluding knowledge of structure, is not enough to give you an exemplary study paper. The information below is tailor made to provide you with a proper understanding of the main parts of this paper.

Main parts of a good research paper

Title page

This cover page contains details regarding the study. Details here include your name, the title of the research, among other details required. It has to be comprehensive and well organised. Do not include uncalled for information.


This section is particularly used to explain vividly to the reader what motivated you to dwell on the specific topic. It gives the reader your underlying principle for the study. It also shows the sustainability of your study by stating the relevance of your findings from a theoretical angle.

Literature review

This is an analysis of existing investigate that aims at showing how your work relates to previous work. Briefly summarise past and ongoing studies that are in line with your work, stating their main ideas.

Methods of data collection

Justify your work by giving detailed information about all of the methods used. Methods used may vary from experiments to questionnaires. Provide statistical results for each method stated.

Data analysis

Explain the conclusions you reached after your investigation. Provide additional support evidence based on the analysis of your study. You may spice your work up by including charts and graphs to explain your results in a more dimensional manner.


Enlighten your audience how your work is an additive to the society. Highlight areas and people that can benefit from your study. Do not give your personal opinions but instead give opinions and solutions based on your findings.


Briefly summarize the main wording of your paper. Point out major points in a conclusive approach. Avoid repetition of what you have already stated.


Cite all the references made in the paper to other relevant information. Carefully choose a referencing style and stick to it. Mention all the references used to avoid accusations of plagiarism and unreliability. Invest the given time on gathering information. Get your detailed facts before hand and follow the above structure to come up with a high-quality piece of work. Finally, proofread your work.

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