Academic Writing Lessons: Parts Of A History Research Paper

History is one of the easiest subjects to ace in school. However, there are students that get fewer marks than they should, especially when it comes to the projects because they do not understand the skills needed in creating a good paper. Knowing the content that is supposed to be part of certain examinations is therefore very important. Here are some of the things you need to know about the different parts of a history research paper.

The introduction

This is the very first part of an essay. It is where you talk about the thesis statement or the question you are going to tackle. It should be not more than one paragraph in length. The introduction is where you will inform the person checking the paper about what they are about to read. It is therefore important to come up with a well thought of introduction. If the introduction doesn’t really reflect the value of the information you are about to give, the person checking your paper will have a hard time dealing with it.

The main body

This is the main part of the paper. This is where you develop your argument and give evidence to support it. When writing the main body of an essay paper, there are certain things you should have in mind.

  • Always make use of subheadings to show how your ideas are flowing.
  • Make sure that you use bulleted lists and notes to make your work easier to read.
  • Make sure that your work flows; this can be achieved through the use of conjunctions, relative clauses and other joiners that make the work more cohesive.
  • Always express one idea per paragraph.

The conclusion

After you have created all your arguments, the last point will be tying your work together in a conclusive way. Make sure that your conclusion is a summary of the main ideas that were expressed in the text. In addition to that, ensure that you have stated strongly your last viewpoint about the ideas that you were expressing.

The bibliography

No history paper can be termed complete without the presence of a good bibliography. Make sure that you research wisely. When you have a good quality bibliography, your paper will be more convincing and will earn you better marks. Also note that there could be future students that will want to use the bibliography to expand their knowledge on your research topic.

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