Practical Advice On How To Improve Your Research Paper

Research papers are hardly ever easy to write. Aside from having to look for all sorts of information about your topic, you also have to organize the data and arguments into a cohesive paper. This last part can be especially challenging: even if you know the topic back to front, a good grade will be unattainable if the paper you finally hand in isn’t written well. Here is some practical advice on how you can improve your paper writing skills.

6 Tips for Improving Your Research Paper

  1. Make an outline. This will help you organize your thoughts and, perhaps more importantly, let you see which bits of data aren’t truly relevant to your main idea. Try to make this outline as detailed as possible, with topics and subtopics relating to each paragraph. Although you may find that you need to edit this as you write, you will find that things will go smoother if you stick to your outline as closely as possible.
  2. Engage the reader with your first sentence. Make it catchy. It’s important to draw your audience in with a provocative statement, question or quotation that leads to the introduction of your topic and your thesis statement.
  3. Use each paragraph to develop a single topic. Write the paragraphs of your research paper in a cohesive manner. Do your best not to veer off topic in a single paragraph. Remember, length isn’t an issue in academic writing, so don’t be afraid to let your paragraphs run a little long as you complete your idea.
  4. Always support any opinions or generalizations you make. For every statement made in your paper, you need to present the information that backs it up to show how you arrived at that conclusion.
  5. Use the last paragraph to conclude your work. The conclusion should briefly summarize all that you’ve said in the paper, and point out why it supports your thesis statement. Avoid introducing new arguments and details at this point.
  6. Review your paper before submission. Reading through your finished paper at least once before you hand it in will allow you to catch any typographical errors you may have made. It will also help you polish your writing as you see different and better ways to bring your message across.

It may take some time before you fully master how to write a research paper. However, you can always ask for help from other people: a second pair of eyes reviewing your work will catch errors that you may have missed.

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