Advice On How To Write A Research Paper On Martin Luther King Jr

Writing a long or short research paper on Martin Luther King Jr. requires careful planning and dedicated work over the course of several days. Ideally, you should start the same day you receive your assignment prompt instead of waiting until the last minute. Here’s some useful advice on how to complete this assignment successfully:

Develop a Plan and Schedule

Disorganization and procrastination are two of the major factors behind failing a writing assignment. Break up the work into several manageable tasks and set hard deadlines for completing each one. You should spread out the tasks over several days, preferably starting soon after receiving your assignment. Leave yourself a few days in between to ensure you can accommodate for any surprises.

Start Your Research on MLK

Start searching for background information on Martin Luther King Jr. online where you can learn some general content and write down some facts about his life and profession. Next, focus on a particular issue and do some academic research in the library. Speak with the librarian to learn how to narrow your search so that you are locating the most relevant information possible.

Get to Writing the First Draft

Now that you’ve gathered all the information you need, you can start writing the first draft of the research paper. It would be helpful to first create an outline of your assignment, then referring to the outline as you write. Don’t stop to make any corrections. It’s better for you to get all of your ideas down as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Make Revisions to the Draft

If you have stuck to your plan you should allow yourself at least a day away from your assignment before you start the revision process. When you revise, look to make large and small scale improvements. You should look for any opportunity to make your work better by adding content, removing content or rearranging content. Always keep the reader in mind when you arrange the information in your research paper.

Edit and Proofread the Work

The last step to the writing process involves editing and proofreading your work. When you edit, look for opportunities to use simple and direct English. Vary your sentence length but don’t make ideas overly complicated with complex structures. Use shorter words with greater impact instead of longer words that are awkward or difficult to read. Finally, proofread the work in its entirety to ensure you don’t leave mistakes in grammar, spelling or punctuation.

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