A Simple Way To Come Up With The Best Topic For A Research Paper In High School

Research paper assignments are demanding. Students need to be careful while working on them and select a topic worth discussing. Topic selection often takes more time than expected because students have to find a niche, highlight a unique aspect and choose an interesting topic to engage their audience. If you are to create a research paper for your high school, you do not necessarily have to come up with innovative ideas but at least pick something different from what the rest of the class is going to address. The best idea to do this is to follow a gradual process instead of going with the first idea that comes to your mind. Your paper can stand out if it has a different topic so you need to keep the following tips in your mind

  1. Find your niche
  2. Before you think of anything, you need to develop a good understanding of the subject you are addressing and find a potential gap in it. This gap is going to help you identify what needs further attention and detail in the subject. You will call this subject area your niche. You need to make sure that your niche is significant and clear to you as well as your readers to give them the right impression of your paper

  3. Brainstorm for fresh ideas
  4. When you have a niche or a problem to address, you should sit down and brainstorm for possible solutions and fresh ideas. Problem because most of the research and term papers focus on solving an issue and giving a proper answer to the audience about it that can help them in future research as well.

  5. Discard the first few ideas
  6. Make a list of all the ideas you have brainstormed for regardless of whether they look logical to you or not. Discard the top five or so ideas from the list because every student will have thought about them or write about them.

  7. Elicit
  8. Start with a general question and narrow down to more specific ones to finally come to a point which can be the focus of your study

  9. Read the textbook thoroughly
  10. Find a potential topic from the textbook and see what it addresses

  11. Eliminate
  12. Analyze and delete the ideas that seem redundant or irrelevant

  13. Edit and rephrase
  14. Finalize your topic and present it in an engaging manner

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