How To Find The Best Research Paper Topics: A Creative Approach

When it comes to picking a good term paper topic to write about, there are many approaches that you can take. However, it is often particularly useful to read over articles, essays and other relevant content that has been written by people before. This can help to give you some good inspiration for your own title. Equally, you may find that various brainstorming techniques help you to develop a good title for your work, as might discussing any ideas that you have with other people.

In fact, a really good research paper topic should be one that you will enjoy writing about, and you might find some of the ideas below to be of interest to you.

  • What role does the World Health Organisation have in relation to helping to prevent and control the spread of highly infectious and dangerous viruses and diseases?
  • Outline and discuss the various studies that have been conducted in relation to the dangers posed by vaccines, and whether or not anti-vaccination campaigners have any legitimate claims to ban the use of vaccinations on young people
  • Analyze the changes in drinking habits amongst adults over the past five decades, and establish whether or not changing patterns have an impact upon the health of the nation
  • How are animals used in the testing of medical treatments, and is it ever justified to harm other living creatures, so as to safeguard the health of human beings?
  • Should individuals who are found guilty of drink driving face stricter punishments, such as increased jail sentences, larger fines, and longer driving bands?
  • Analyze and discuss the prison population in the United States of America, in relation to other countries around the world, and try to identify why it is so high, and whether or not the nation imprisons too many people?
  • How has the CIA treated potential terror suspects in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks, and is it ever justified to use extreme methods, and even torture, in order to try and safeguard citizens of a country?
  • Is it right for governments to censor the Internet, or does that go against the principles of free speech?
  • What challenges do politicians face in relation to attempts to change the gun laws of the United States?
  • Compare and contrast the gun laws and gun related deaths in the United States with other countries in the Western world

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