List Of 10 Interesting Research Paper Topics On Romeo And Juliet

So, you’ve just finished reading Romeo and Juliet and have been given to write a research paper on any topic you want. However, you are drawing a complete blank as you find every topic worth discussing seems to have already been covered in some way or another. Luckily, we’ve got us in your corner and we’ve come up with 10 interesting research paper topics on Romeo and Juliet you are sure to like:

  1. Shakespeare used the character of Friar Laurence for a number of dramatic purposes in the tragedy. What specific functions did the character serve to advance other character’s actions in the play?
  2. Discuss how the accelerated time scheme in Romeo and Juliet helps with the development of the tragedy? Is the idea that love of this magnitude could happen so quickly a plausible concept? What purpose does this have?
  3. How does the decision to commit suicide, as both Romeo and Juliet do at the end of the novel, represents what Shakespeare thought about the young love in general? Does it make young love sacred or less important?
  4. Mercutio. The name alone conjures up images of great stage and film actors’ performance. He is considered one of Shakespeare’s greatest dramatic creations yet he is killed in the early part of the day and in the play’s action? What makes him so memorable then?
  5. Compare and contrast the two main characters in terms of how they develop throughout the play. For what reasons does each fall in love with the other person? Do you think there are any other motivations that would have influenced their decisions?
  6. Do a critical analysis of the relationships between parents and children in the play. How does each of the major characters behave in response to their parents’ wishes? Do you think this is a societal commentary Shakespeare made about relationships he observed first hand?
  7. How do Lord Capulet’s moods change throughout the course of the play? How do his mood swings affect other characters (e.g., Juliet’s)? What do they say about his overall personality?
  8. A key element in the play is the delivery of crucial messages. How much of the play’s development and action depend on the reliability of the messengers?
  9. There a lot of critics that have said the final scene in the play, in which Romeo and Juliet commit suicide, as a scene of triumph. In addition to the two families’ reconciliation with each other, what else can be said is triumphant?
  10. Shakespeare is known for using dreams in his plays. Discuss the dreams that occur within Romeo and Juliet and explain how they influence action.

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