Choosing A Powerful Research Paper Topic For 1984: Tips & Examples

1984 is a literary piece that is commonly studied in school. If it is in your syllabus, you can expect a research paper on it. So much happens in 1984 that there is no scarcity of topics or issues to discuss. However, not all sentences, questions, events and phrases will give you a good paper. A good paper comes from a careful choice of topic. Before settling for any topic on 1984, consider the following issues:

Your passion

A topic in an area you are passionate about will help create an excellent paper. You may have fallen in love with its stylistics, characters, plot, setting, etc. Your interest gives you the insight to identify important details that make your paper compelling.

Outstanding Issues

A lot of things happen in 1984. However, only a few change the course of the story. Only these issues should make it to your paper. Picking anything will only produce an ordinary paper. You must read the book thoroughly and understand its relationship to your course. This will enable you generate a paper or topic that meets the expectations of your tutor and ensures that you get the best grade possible.

Relevance to the world today

Some events that happen in the book 1984 are reflected in the society today. Some of them are mirrored in politics, inventions, social life, personal lives, etc. For your research paper on 1984, pick a topic that can resonate with a reader as part of his or her ordinary life.

Interesting to read

The topic chosen for your paper should be interesting to read. Identify an aspect of the book that would capture the attention of a supervisor who has read hundreds of essays on 1984. Look for a twist that makes the work interesting. Your choice of words will also make the paper more interesting to read.

Here is a list of topics to consider for your paper about 1984

  1. What are the gender roles as portrayed in the book 1984?
  2. What is the portrayal of sex life and the society in 1984?
  3. What statement does the author of 1984 make about technology?
  4. Is the author of 1984 advocating for freedom or restrictions to enhance security?
  5. What is the role of power as portrayed by characters in 1984?
  6. Who are the strongest characters in 1984 and why?
  7. How are social standards portrayed and by which characters in 1984?
  8. Is the author guilty of too much generalization in 1984?
  9. What stylistic devices stand out in the book 1984?
  10. Does the plot in 1984 fully capture the intentions of the writer?
  11. What weaknesses can you spot in the setting used in 1984?

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