A Brief Introduction To The MLA Research Paper Format For Newbies

Research paper written in MLA format takes some abidance to rules and regulations. Interestingly, it gets too much to chew for starters, who would happily finish a more complicated paper in an unformatted manner.

An authoritative aspect

MLA formatting ensures that your work gains a rare authority and sneaks free of any charges of plagiarism. There is specific emphasis on the reference page, where you have to refer and acknowledge the works you have scoped. You need to mention the author in the last name-first name format.

  • You should give proper importance to headings and indent the 3rd heading and subsequent ones. The indentation should be half an inch so you know how to make the grooves. The title page should be in a graded form; with the title, author and institution placed in following lines in the central alignment of the first page.
  • You should utilize the appendix page for appendices and footnotes, where you can use shorter fonts. Otherwise, the required font is 12 pts Time New Roman. The lines should be double-spaced to accord convenience to the reader’s eyes.
  • You should utilize MLA format only with exact science subjects. Here, you will have to follow the regulations, forcefully in the Methodology and analysis segments. The different experiments will have to be numbered using the conventions merited.
  • You have to include a copyright page to get a patented look and to ensure that your work is respected as an original piece. Here also, MLA format leaves its indelible mark.
  • You need to properly index all pages in the list of content. The Abstract should be about 400 words long with no footnotes. Other segments of content may have footnotes if complicated terms arrive. It is a common enough case with exact science.
  • You should pay attention to the suggestions offered by the official MLA site for each page. Remember that directions for reference page will be different to the suggestions for the conclusion page.
  • You should go through some eminent samples to get an idea of how MLA formatting is credibly done. There is nothing better than getting inspired by a graded work.

Listening to the instructor

You may also discuss the same with the instructor. Since you are a starter and this is a research paper, the instructor will happily give you suitable directions. You should also prepare the paper in a systematic way so as to easily incorporate the formatting.

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