How To Come Up With A Research Paper Topic On Gun Control: Tips & Ideas

Gun control

Gun control is basically a limit or restriction on who can and who cannot own a gun. So if you are supporting gun control, then it means that you want there to be strict laws and licensing policies for owning a gun. If you are against gun control, that means you want however wants a gun to have a gun. Now writing a research paper on that would be interesting.

However, finding a proper topic for this research paper can be difficult. There are so many different ways to look at this situation, and so many different variables at work that you can exploit, that coming to one conclusion can be difficult. The basic idea is to know whether having gun control benefits the society r does it do harm for the society.

Tips to write better

There are a few things you need to consider while you make your argument in your research paper. They are Does crime rate go down if everyone keeps a gun, or does it go up?

  • Does domestic violence and accidents with guns increase if everyone keeps a gun?
  • Can people use their discretion properly to use guns for self defense only?
  • Go through statistics from police departments in different regions; correlate the gun ownership numbers with the number of armed robberies, violence and deaths due to guns. What does the correlation indicate?
  • Collect information from all the sources you find. Try and find out what other people think on this point and what are their views on gun control.

Once you have all the data you need to support your view, start writing.

Topic ideas

Having a few ideas about the topics for your research paper on gun control can be helpful. You can choose your topic from these ideas itself, or you can just take the basic idea and formulate your own topic.

  • Should there be changes in laws to facilitate owning of guns by civilians?
  • Gun control helps in preventing criminal activities, the example of Switzerland.
  • The smart gun law, is it even feasible?
  • Gun control laws costs the city de-industrialization and a transfer of capital.

These are some basic ideas for your research paper, both for and against gun control. Before you start writing, make sure you understand the topic properly, and have all the necessary and relevant data.

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