20 World History Term Paper Topic Ideas You Should Explore

If there is a field of study that is very unique in its own right, it is history. For this reason, if you have been asked to write a term paper on world history, you should cheerfully consider it a great honour. Apart from creating the opportunity for you to learn a few new things about certain parts of the world, it is also an opportunity to let your teacher know that you have what it takes to be a great historian. If you are yet to start because you have not come up with a topic for your paper, here are possible ideas to help you start. They are as follows:

  • - World War I – Analyzing its cause and consequences
  • - The Dark Ages – Understanding what actually went down
  • - Powerful empires of the middle ages – What roles did their leaders play?
  • - Understanding the impact of the cooperation between South Korea and the U.S.
  • - An analysis of economic Reforms – Singapore as a case study
  • - The industrial revolution and Western Europe – An analysis of the facts
  • - Germany – Analyzing the role it played in world wars
  • - The French Revolution – What role did the philosophers play?
  • - The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq – Understanding what led to the invasion
  • - The dash for nuclear power – Analyzing the winners versus the losers
  • - The 1819 panic – How did it affect America’s economy?
  • - The digital age – An analysis of how it all started
  • - An extensive list of women who played significant roles in the history of the world
  • - The Mongol Empire – Understanding its intricacies
  • - The medieval era – The life of an average peasant then
  • - The second World War – A list of European nations that quickly got to their feet
  • - The Bronze Age – What significant advances came with it?
  • - The 13th century and the Catholic Church – What led to the increase in its followership?
  • - The scientific revolution – What where the top 2 discoveries made within the period?
  • - The bubonic plague – What led to its spread in Asia and Europe?

When it comes to the topics you can explore as you get ready to write your world history term paper, there will never be shortage of interesting topics. These are just a few of them. For you to impress your tutor, make sure your researches are carried out only through reputable sources. This way, your facts and figures are never in doubt.

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